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Sustaining Donors

Thanks for supporting EFF as a Sustaining Donor! Your recurring donations go a long way toward defending online freedom every day. Here is some helpful information for those who give at regular intervals throughout the year.

Tax Acknowledgement

If you have set up automated monthly recurring donations through our website, or if we have identified you as a recurring donor by check, you will receive a cumulative receipt for your donations after the end of the calendar year.

Member Cards & Swag

Your member card is valid as long as you are a current Sustaining Donor. You are eligible for a new member gift every twelve months! You can see our current offerings at If you would like a new card or your annual member swag, let us know at

Online Donation Updates

PayPal: Log in to your PayPal account and adjust your monthly donations as needed.

Credit Card at Update your billing information at Feel free to contact the EFF Membership Department at (415)436-9333 x127 for questions or to update the information.  You can also send inquiries to