EFF Logo & NSA Eagle Temporary Tattoos

A tattoo two-pack! Simply apply with a damp cloth and voilà: instant pro-user zealot. Pack includes one of each:

EFF LOGO TATTOO: EFF's classic logo. Is it a plug? Is it a weird sideways skull? No one knows, but one thing is for sure: EFF has been fighting for online privacy, free expression, and innovation for a quarter century. That's worth celebrating. 2" tall X 2.5" wide.

NSA SPYING EAGLE TATTOO: This is EFF's infamous "updated" National Security Agency logo featuring a red-eyed eagle using his talons to illegally plug into U.S. communications and beyond with the help of telecom giant AT&T. The banner reads "Illegal Spying Is Illegal" lest we forget. Learn more about how EFF is challenging mass surveillance. 2.5" tall X 3" wide.


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