EFF Gift Membership Certificate

Give the gift of digital freedom to your family, friends, and colleagues! Electronic Frontier Foundation gift memberships are a great way to honor those you care for while ensuring that there is always a resource to defend our rights online. Recipients can redeem the transferable Gift Membership certificate for 12 months of EFF membership at any time. Member benefits include an EFF bumper sticker, invitations to member Speakeasy gatherings, discounts on EFF events, and even special gifts at each level:

  • Rare Earths - $500: T-Shirt, Hat, & Stickers
  • Titanium - $250: T-Shirt, Hat, & Stickers
  • Gold - $100: T-Shirt
  • Copper - $65: T-Shirt
  • Silicon - $25: Multisticker Sheet

If EFF is shipping this item directly to the gift recipient, be sure to add the gift giver's name and an optional note to your recipient in the "Order Comments" section when you checkout! Contact us if you have questions.

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