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Join the EFA

Electronic Frontier Alliance

If your group is poised to endorse the principles uniting the Electronic Frontier Alliance, please:

  1. Share them within your organization,
  2. Confirm your group’s support,
  3. Publicly endorse the principles however you wish to do so (e.g., by replicating this tweet), and
  4. Identify a point of public contact through which your group is poised to respond to public inquiries.

We're excited to help you connect with allies in your area, as well as others across the country.

This can be a website or blog, Meetup group, Twitter profile, Facebook group, or any other online presence.
This can be a URL for a Tweet, Facebook post, or blog post that indicates the group officially endorses the principles.
We will use this information to identify your congressional district, and to identify other supporters in your area with whom to share your announcements.