Barack Obama used his State of the Union address last night to call on Congress for a “fast track” for trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The pressure's on Congress, and that means it's never been more urgent that we stop the secrecy surrounding this undemocratic agreement.

What's so dangerous about “fast track”? If Congress passes the bill (HR3830/S.1900), it severely limits its own ability to review or amend agreements. That means Hollywood won’t have to worry about our elected representatives standing in the way of TPP and its extreme copyright provisions. That's why we need to stop the Fast Track bill—to defeat TPP.

If you're a US voter, visit now to call and message your elected representatives. Once you get to the site, you can enter your ZIP code and you'll be connected to your Congressperson.

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You can also use EFF's action tool to contact your representatives about opposing this bill.

Protests Across North America

This Friday, January 31, hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals across the US and around the world are planning protests against TPP and the Fast Track bill. Check out this map to see if there's a protest organized near you. Then show up and tell others about why you're against TPP.

We want to generate thousands of calls and messages this week leading to Friday's protests. Once you've taken action, please remember to share this on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social networking sites to ask your friends to join you. It’s as easy as posting this message:

Congress is dangerously close to giving #TPP the “fast track.” Speak out now:

We need all the help we can get to defeat secret copyright agreements.

Defending your rights in the digital world,

Maira Sutton
International Team
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